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When looking to trade financial securities, one of the things you get to trade is binary options. This is a financial security in which the payoff is either a fixed amount or not amount of money at all. These securities play a considerable role in asset pricing and thus have an impact on the financial markets. Like many other types of securities, investors will want to know some things to find the best binary options brokers determine if these are an investment option that best suits their needs. It will be important for investors to know things such as how binary options are regulated and how to open an account. They will also want to know the minimum deposit as well as the required amounts that need to be traded. By knowing these things investors will be in good position to find the best binary options brokers and take advantage of the may benefits that binary options trading offers.

Regulations of Brokers

In the financial securities industry, it is very common to have a considerable amount of regulation. As of now, binary options trading is regulated in some countries. Therefore, investors will be sure to trade binary options on legal terms. While binary options are regulated by some countries, some brokers are not regulated. As a result, investors will need to be more careful when choosing a broker to trade with. By researching each broker thoroughly, investors will be in better position to avoid scams and take advantage of all of the financial benefits that binary options can offer.

Where to open an Account

If you are looking to open up a binary options account, all you will need to do is visit any financial services company that offer binary options trading. You will then need to fill out the necessary forms online and then have the application processed. Once you complete the initial form, you will then need to deposit the required amount of money to have the account opened. Each broker varies when it comes to depositing requirements. Many of these brokers will allow you to open an account for trading for as low as $250. Therefore, opening an account for binary options trading is quite simple.

Trading on Mobile device

When looking to trade binary options, one of the things investors will want to know is whether they can trade on a mobile device. Fortunately for those who are interested in binary options trading, they can access the sites and platforms on a mobile device such as a smartphone. They will also be able to make trades on a mobile device. All they will need to do is go on the trading site platform, login to their account and then begin making trades. This will allow them to make trades no matter where they are for added convenience. As a result, they will have more flexibility when looking to make binary options trades on a regular basis.

Binary Brokers and Bonuses

Binary options brokers offer investors the opportunity to receive bonuses. This helps give them added incentive to trade binary options on a regular basis. One of the most common bonuses provided by binary options brokers is the sign-up bonus. This is a payout to new traders that is used to entice them into joining the site platform. Most bonuses are a deposit match which is used as a one-time payment to the investor. As well as offering a one-time payment, bonuses sometimes offer a risk-free trade as well. This means that investors who are looking to trade binary options will be able to trade without having to worry about losing money.

Choose the Best Trading Platforms

Whenever an investor is undergoing a binary options brokers review, they will want to know the best trading platforms. Since there are some different companies that offer binary options trading, it often varies according to personal taste. Investors who are looking to evaluate the best trading platforms will want to go over a few important characteristics. One of the features that investors will need to evaluate is whether or not the platform is regulated. This will allow them to determine if the platform is legitimate. They will also want to check out the minimum trade and deposit requirements. Finding out information about the payouts as well as the bonuses are also important factors. When going through a binary options brokers review, there are other ways in which investors can find the best platforms. These include learning about the layout as well as the available data on the screen.
Binary options trading can be one of the most lucrative ways for investors to make money. To make sure that they use the ideal platform, they will want to evaluate things such as the minimum deposit required as well as if the platform is regulated. By evaluating these things, investors will put themselves in the position to benefit from trading binary options on a regular basis.

Does a broker have to be regulated and licensed to be safe?

Binary options are a financial instrument providing an easy way to profit from price fluctuations in the global market. However, those looking to trade in binary options need to understand the relative risks and rewards. Identifying the best binary options brokers is important. Binary options work differently from traditional options trading. Binary options only pay out a fixed amount, if anything at all.


Binary trading within the US, like other financial markets, is regulated by the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission), and the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission). All US brokers offering binary options services must be licensed by the CFTC. Strict federal regulations are in place to protect individual traders. Brokers found in violation may lose their license to operate, as well as other possible monetary or criminal penalties.

Foreign brokers in the US

There are some foreign interests allowed to function as binary options brokers in the US. These are typically offshore brokers who are approved by federal authorities to do business in the US, but their operations here are still subject to regulation by the CFTC. They must also conform to regulations under their governing authorities. The most trusted offshore binary options brokers come from Europe, particularly the UK.

Questionable Practices

For many years, some foreign brokers operated almost without restriction, leading to many cases of fraud and unfair practices. Many of these companies actively solicited US investors. One example comes from a Cyprus-based broker that drew many international complaints. In 2012, the Cyprus government empowered its own CySEC (Cypriot Safety and Financial Exchange Commission) to enforce regulation of binary options brokers. However, as late as June of 2013, none of them was authorised to operate in the US, and the US SEC issued a warning to investors about dealing with Cypriot brokers.

The AMF, or French Financial Market Authority, continues to publish the names of blacklisted brokers who operate in that country without authorization. While many French brokers have filed with the AMF for licensure, which involves proof of financial guarantees, there are still many international brokers seeking foreign clients who have yet to obtain authorization. Indeed, as of this date, CySEC’s term of authority has expired. While the European Commission still demands regulatory legislation governing international markets, we have no way of knowing what, if any deterrents are in place in many countries for brokers who violate regulations.

Recommended Brokers

Binary options trading, especially in the modern age of computer algorithms and mobile networks, has continued to increase in the US. It’s cost-effective, requires no special knowledge, and anyone can initiate binary options trades. However, one of the drawbacks to further growth is that there are only a limited number of binary options platforms in the US. This is in part because of the strict oversight of the CFTC. Only a limited number of brokers have been authorised to operate within the US.

One additional drawback is that current laws governing binary options are not yet fully defined or well-established. However, legislators are working with the SEC and CFTC to develop a fixed set of regulations that will make it easier for more brokers to comply with binary options requirements and become licensed.

Before trading, it’s best to check a binary options brokers review with a trusted industry source.

Obtaining Authorization

For any broker, either within or outside the US to obtain licensure requires meeting a range of criteria. Bank accounts must be held separately to ensure that benefits are paid to clients regardless of the broker’s financial solvency. Client accounts are segregated so that one client’s funds can’t be used to pay off another.

There are several other stipulations to ensure the honest reporting of quotes, and alerts and security systems for protecting client information. This includes the responsibility for warning traders who show signs of addictive trading habits. These and many other policies must be in place for binary options brokers to gain authorization to serve US traders.

The best binary options brokers have licensed or provide proof that they provide guarantees of transparency, quality service, and accountability.

Still, offshore brokers continue to solicit US clients. This doesn’t by default mean that all unauthorised binary options brokers are not trustworthy. Many of them are and may meet all criteria to comply with regulations. Hundreds of brokers have already filed for approval both within and outside the US. Consult a binary options brokers review to discover a list of brokers you can trust.

Selecting a Reliable Online Binary Options Broker

The World of Binary Options Trading

Binary options trading is becoming more and more popular with each passing day. People everywhere are gravitating to it for numerous reasons. Many believe that it’s a lucrative investment approach. Success in the binary options trading world often revolves around luck. It often requires a significant amount of skill, patience and time. It’s frequently a combination of both as well. It also can’t hurt to have the help of a great online binary options broker. Choosing the perfect online binary options broker is a process that calls for a lot of care, dedication and focus. Traders who want to gain rather than lose should take the search process seriously.

Pay Attention to Assets

Brokers possess assets that can be traded. They’re not always the same. These assets can be specific kinds of currency. They can be commodities such as wheat, cotton and gold. They can even be stocks. Traders who want to make smart choices should look for brokers that are equipped with assets they find desirable. The search process is simple, too. Broker sites feature designated “Asset Index” sections that provide helpful asset information.

Focus on Expiration Times

The majority of binary options traders out there have options in standard 15 minute, half hour, a full hour and 24 hour expiration times. Weekly expiration times are also usually available. There are some binary options traders, however, that have brief 60 second expiration times. Traders who want to succeed should focus carefully on expiration times. Newbies may want to play it safe and opt for trading times that are anywhere between half an hour and a full hour in length. They often benefit from waiting. 60 second time periods are suited to traders who are on the seasoned side. It’s critical for traders to understand financial market assets in significant detail.

Make Financial Devices a Priority

It’s always intelligent to select an online binary options broker that provides traders with plentiful choices in financial devices. Helpful tools can do so much for traders who want to do well. These tools can come in handy for traders who wish to evaluate economic factors. They can also come in handy for traders who want to evaluate the finance scene in general. It’s never the best idea to simply go with pure instinct. That can often pave the way for financial losses and errors and mishaps of all kinds. Traders who are serious about reducing risk should learn as much as possible. They should assess the market in a technical manner. They should always be on the lookout for trends and shifts. Choosing a good online binary options broker should be looking for one that has devices that cover commodities, live stocks, currency details and indices. The best binary options broker is usually the one that gives traders numerous tool choices at all times.

Assess Profits and Returns in Considerable Detail

Binary options trading can sometimes be extremely lucrative and promising. It can be particularly profitable for those who have the assistance of capable brokers. People who want to do well in binary options trading should seek brokers that can provide them with significant returns. Good payouts are usually a positive sign. Returns are anywhere between 60 and 80 percent, although this varies. It’s essential for traders to note, too, however, that brokers that have solid returns aren’t necessarily the finest choices. Many different elements go into the best binary options broker. Things aren’t always as simple as they may seem.

Look for a Reliable Support Staff

A reputable and trustworthy online binary options broker should have a reliable and friendly support staff available to all traders. This is 100 percent critical. Traders should always have access to support they can fully trust. Traders who want to find online binary options brokers that have great support departments don’t have to worry. They can look at all of the binary options broker review websites that are available online. Online reviews can provide them with a considerable amount of insight. A comprehensive binary options broker review may discuss everything from support staff quality to profits and returns. Internet reviews can be highly useful to all ambitious traders.

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The top 5 biggest trading scandals

With all the really huge trading scandals from the late 1800s and on, the following are ones that are more relevant for the savvy investors today. With the following biggest trading scandals, the most savvy and discerning investor can learn from and take note to prevent any potential pitfall when trading:

1. Enron, 2001– this energy trading company based in Houston, Texas was the seventh biggest US company. The situation, however, is that Enron was conniving in keeping 100s of millions of dollars worth of debt off the books to fool analysts and investors. Even their Shell companies recorded false revenues that made them appear to be making amazing earning figures. As a result, this complicated web of lies unraveled causing the share price to plummet from more than $90 to lower than 70 cents. Also, the authorities made a plea deal with Andrew Fastow, Enron’s Chief Financial Officer, to testify against founder, Ken Lay, and the CEO Jeffrey Skilling. With this, the founder and CEO were convicted and sentence to prison for wire fraud and securities. Ken Lay, however, died before being sentenced.

2. Tyco International, 2002– another really big company that became a household name, Tyco was considered to be a reliable and trustworthy blue chip investment that manufactures health care equipment, safety equipment, and electronic computers. Even their CEO, Dennis Kozlowski, was reported by BusinessWeek to be one of the top 25 corporate managers.

However, he took tons of Tyco’s money in the form of fraudulent stock sales and unapproved loans. Kozlowski retrieved an $170 million in low-to-no interest loans along with CLO Mark Belnick and CFO Mark Swartz without the approval from shareholders. Also, Belnick and Kozlowski made arrangements to sell unauthorized stock from Tyco of 7.5 million shares amounting to $450 million. These funds were usually disguised as executive benefits or bonuses.

Richard Scrushy, the founder and CEO, told employees to overstate the net income of HealthSouth and inflate revenues. With all of these discrepancies, the first sign of trouble occurred in late 2002 when Scrushy was reported to have sold $75 million worth of shares from HealthSouth before releasing a loss of earnings. And eventually, the unfolding of a scandal erupted in March 2003 when the SEC announced HealthSouth’s exaggeration of revenues by $1.4 billion.

With this development, The FBI worked with CFO in wiretapping Scrushy discussing the fraud. Also, the stock swiftly plummeted from $20 to around 45 cents in a day, and the CEO, who was acquitted of 36 fraud counts, were later sentenced to 25 years of prison time for bribery.

3. Bernard Madoff, 2008– arrested on December 11, 2008, Bernard Madoff, the founder of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities and a former chairman of Nasdaq, held the longest Ponzi scheme in US history that started as reported from the early 1980s. In this twist, Madoff hid his hedge fund losses by paying earlier investors with money gained from others. For 15 years, the fund had a consisted report of a 11% gain. Madoff had claimed to utilize a strategy to purchase blue chip stocks, and hedge those stocks with options meant to minimize volatility. However, investors lost approximately $50 billion from this scheme. This was just an elaborated Ponzi scheme where Madoff lied about the numbers and stayed afloat for a long time with a continual stream of new investor’s money.

Problems came to head when investors asked for $7 billion in withdrawals in 2008 when the market was beginning to weaken in 2008 because of the financial crisis. He then confessed to his sons about his business being a big lie, and they turned him in. Madoff pled guilty to false statements, money laundering, false SEC filings, employee benefit plan theft, perjury, wire fraud, mail fraud, investment adviser fraud, and securities fraud. He then was sentenced to 150 years of prison.

4. Lehman Brothers Collapse, 2007– widely considered the main cause of the 2008 economic crisis, this company has the biggest reported bankruptcy in US history at $691 billion. In this story, Lehman Brothers were a major sub-prime loan buyer during the mid-2000s’ housing boom. They used an accounting trick where they sold a large portion of the debt to Cayman Island organizations, and they agreed to buy the debt back later on so they can make the balance sheet appear better than it actually was. However, when the housing values started dropping in 2007, Lehman was rendered fiscally unsound when forced to disclose their losses.

5. Bre-X Minerals, 1997– considered to being involved in history’s biggest stock swindles, this Canadian company had an Indonesian gold property in which proved to be a devastating loss especially experiencing a skyrocketing high of $280 stock price just to find out on March 19, 1997 that the gold mine was fraudulent. When it was at the skyrocketing high, ordinary people became millionaires overnight, Bre-X gained a $4.4 billion market capitalization. And as a result, the stock painfully reduced to pennies.

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It was duly registered under the Laws of Malta on 21st July 2015.The betting odds they offer include many perks like sign-up cash bonuses. Also, there are daily evening games on Gold, Oil, EUR/USD, Bitcoins which close for betting between 10.02 PM – 10.08 PM CET. Among the online gaming operators in the world, BetOnFinance is the first to offer an innovative gaming platform or system that brings together the world of finance and betting markets to facilitate everyone to participate in the financial markets.

Is It Possible To Be “Psychic” About The Stock Market?

How did the USD do on the stock market 2016?
2016 was a year of startling and alarming news stories. Many of them had a direct and not always happy effect on the stock market in 2016. While it’s not always possible to guess the next big news event or how exactly it might affect investments, it is possible to do some strategizing in advance to protect investments from serious blows. For example, 2016 was a year of international elections. Probably the most closely watched one and the most influential one in terms of its effect on global stock markets, was the United States’ Presidential race. Normally in an American presidential election year, the country’s stock market and dollar remain very stable if an incumbent is running. That wasn’t the case in 2016. Its election featured two high unpopular candidates, one of whom was also very controversial. However, while it may have seemed as though the U.S. dollar’s (USD) stock market performance may have been affected by the push and pull of this year’s candidates, it was actually affected by- the stock market performance of the previous year. That’s right. Although according to the media every sneeze, blink, and Twitter post of the new president caused stocks and USD strength to plunge or rise, those effects are really very short term. Real effects on the stock market post-administration change probably won’t truly be felt until late 2017 or 2018. So in a nutshell, if you want to be the Amazing Kreskin in regards to trading in an election year, ignore the candidates. Ignore the candidate who wins. But keep an eye on the actual economic climate going back to the previous year.

So In 2015….
Stock market analysts weren’t exactly cheery at the beginning of 2016. Some were predicting a market crash similar or even worse to the one that kicked off the Great Recession at the start of this century. Why? Things certainly didn’t get off to a bad start in 2015. Share prices were climbing. But-

  • those share prices were overvalued
  • there were a lot of junk bonds floating around on the market
  • global stocks took “rollercoaster” rides due to China’s economic woes
  • the Federal Reserve offered artificially low interest rates

Add to this the suspicion that many companies were creating a “market mirage”-that they were actually buying up their own stock to create the illusion that they were profitable. More than one stock market expert thundered that the USD would tank in 2016, and that a 2016 stock market crash of Biblical proportions was coming. Many of them recommended “shorting” investments, creating hedge funds, and stocking up on cash, especially in the form of precious metals, such as silver and gold.

How Did The USD Do On The Stock Market In 2016?
Well, it wasn’t turned into a pillar of salt. Or bothered by plagues of boils and locusts. But the USD got off to a very poor start in January of 2016. Nervous traders unloaded poorly performing investments in a frenzy of selling. And by early February of 2016 the stock market was a bear one, the most bearish one since the Great Recession, in fact. While the market saved itself from a February fiasco at the last minute-“fear works better than greed” said one analyst- problems plagued the American dollar for the remainder of the year on the stock market. These included:

1.Oil prices
Their plunge was great for everyday drivers, not so much for American petroleum companies.

2. Energy Companies
Several American ones either found themselves in dire financial straits or had to declare bankruptcy.

3. Business
The market and the health of the USD so unnerved investors that even high-tech sweethearts like Amazon and Tesla had bad years.

Bottom Line
The stock market woes of 2016 are expected to haunt the USD in 2017 as well, and presidential pronouncements about trade tariffs, immigration, and the like aren’t expected to help. Investment experts are suggesting an increase in bond buying as a result, and investment options in nations with strong central banking policies.


Occupy Wall Street!

Occupy Wall Street was a protest movement against the power major banks and corporations where having over the democratic process of government in the United States. The movement had actually already started in other countries by the time it got to the U.S. The goal was to restore the people’s power over the government in the U.S. The protest focused on how the banking industry and corporations caused the major economic collapse in the 2007-2008-time period. Similar demonstrations in Egypt and Tunisia inspired the demonstrations in the U.S. The theory of the organization is that 1% of the richest people in the world are controlling the governments and economies of all other people.

The organization had little effect on the Democratic Party rolling over Bernie Sanders, a more socialist candidate for President. When Hillary Clinton, won the nomination, the Occupy Wall Street effort was pretty well ended. The organization’s attempt to get big money out of politics failed. With the win by Donald Trump, it was the final nail in the coffin of Occupy Wall Street.

Since the fall of Occupy Wall Street, Micah White, one of its co-creators has been trying to determine what went wrong. He believes that the organization definitely spurred the protests that have been taking place around the country since Donald Trump took office. However, he now believes that mass protests have a very low impact on changes in the country.

He asserts that the way to make major change in the political scene is to not only hold massive protests, but to have candidates that support the goals of the organizations, actually running for office. No longer do protests have the needed effect on who is elected, it must be citizens running campaigns and winning seats in elections, where real change can take place.

Micah claims that governments are tolerating the protests because they realize they are having minimal impact on the actual government. These protests are having no impact on returning sovereign power to the citizens of countries involved. He proports that protests can help in winning elections but, they alone are not enough. He compares the three years’ protesters spent on Black Lives Matter to the eighteen months it took Donald Trump to sweep the nation.

So, going forward, the movements and organizations that are working to return government control to the citizens of a country, need to use protests to support actual candidates and win elections, so they can have an actual impact on what happens in government. This will obviously involve raising money and fighting against extreme wealth from the richest people and organizations across the world.

Micah believes the best place to start this type of revolution is in areas where the competition is not as great, like in rural elections and less challenged areas. He recommends starting in areas that are not seen as having major power, and once gaining control in these areas, moving on to more powerful positions. He supports the combining of protests, social movements and the electoral process as the only way to success.


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