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When looking to trade financial securities, one of the things you get to trade is binary options. This is a financial security in which the payoff is either a fixed amount or not amount of money at all. These securities play a considerable role in asset pricing and thus have an impact on the financial markets. Like many other types of securities, investors will want to know some things to find the best binary options brokers determine if these are an investment option that best suits their needs. It will be important for investors to know things such as how binary options are regulated and how to open an account. They will also want to know the minimum deposit as well as the required amounts that need to be traded. By knowing these things investors will be in good position to find the best binary options brokers and take advantage of the may benefits that binary options trading offers.

Regulations of Brokers

In the financial securities industry, it is very common to have a considerable amount of regulation. As of now, binary options trading is regulated in some countries. Therefore, investors will be sure to trade binary options on legal terms. While binary options are regulated by some countries, some brokers are not regulated. As a result, investors will need to be more careful when choosing a broker to trade with. By researching each broker thoroughly, investors will be in better position to avoid scams and take advantage of all of the financial benefits that binary options can offer.

Where to open an Account

If you are looking to open up a binary options account, all you will need to do is visit any financial services company that offer binary options trading. You will then need to fill out the necessary forms online and then have the application processed. Once you complete the initial form, you will then need to deposit the required amount of money to have the account opened. Each broker varies when it comes to depositing requirements. Many of these brokers will allow you to open an account for trading for as low as $250. Therefore, opening an account for binary options trading is quite simple.

Trading on Mobile device

When looking to trade binary options, one of the things investors will want to know is whether they can trade on a mobile device. Fortunately for those who are interested in binary options trading, they can access the sites and platforms on a mobile device such as a smartphone. They will also be able to make trades on a mobile device. All they will need to do is go on the trading site platform, login to their account and then begin making trades. This will allow them to make trades no matter where they are for added convenience. As a result, they will have more flexibility when looking to make binary options trades on a regular basis.

Binary Brokers and Bonuses

Binary options brokers offer investors the opportunity to receive bonuses. This helps give them added incentive to trade binary options on a regular basis. One of the most common bonuses provided by binary options brokers is the sign-up bonus. This is a payout to new traders that is used to entice them into joining the site platform. Most bonuses are a deposit match which is used as a one-time payment to the investor. As well as offering a one-time payment, bonuses sometimes offer a risk-free trade as well. This means that investors who are looking to trade binary options will be able to trade without having to worry about losing money.

Choose the Best Trading Platforms

Whenever an investor is undergoing a binary options brokers review, they will want to know the best trading platforms. Since there are some different companies that offer binary options trading, it often varies according to personal taste. Investors who are looking to evaluate the best trading platforms will want to go over a few important characteristics. One of the features that investors will need to evaluate is whether or not the platform is regulated. This will allow them to determine if the platform is legitimate. They will also want to check out the minimum trade and deposit requirements. Finding out information about the payouts as well as the bonuses are also important factors. When going through a binary options brokers review, there are other ways in which investors can find the best platforms. These include learning about the layout as well as the available data on the screen.
Binary options trading can be one of the most lucrative ways for investors to make money. To make sure that they use the ideal platform, they will want to evaluate things such as the minimum deposit required as well as if the platform is regulated. By evaluating these things, investors will put themselves in the position to benefit from trading binary options on a regular basis.

Does a broker have to be regulated and licensed to be safe?

Binary options are a financial instrument providing an easy way to profit from price fluctuations in the global market. However, those looking to trade in binary options need to understand the relative risks and rewards. Identifying the best binary options brokers is important. Binary options work differently from traditional options trading. Binary options only pay out a fixed amount, if anything at all.


Binary trading within the US, like other financial markets, is regulated by the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission), and the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission). All US brokers offering binary options services must be licensed by the CFTC. Strict federal regulations are in place to protect individual traders. Brokers found in violation may lose their license to operate, as well as other possible monetary or criminal penalties.

Foreign brokers in the US

There are some foreign interests allowed to function as binary options brokers in the US. These are typically offshore brokers who are approved by federal authorities to do business in the US, but their operations here are still subject to regulation by the CFTC. They must also conform to regulations under their governing authorities. The most trusted offshore binary options brokers come from Europe, particularly the UK.

Questionable Practices

For many years, some foreign brokers operated almost without restriction, leading to many cases of fraud and unfair practices. Many of these companies actively solicited US investors. One example comes from a Cyprus-based broker that drew many international complaints. In 2012, the Cyprus government empowered its own CySEC (Cypriot Safety and Financial Exchange Commission) to enforce regulation of binary options brokers. However, as late as June of 2013, none of them was authorised to operate in the US, and the US SEC issued a warning to investors about dealing with Cypriot brokers.

The AMF, or French Financial Market Authority, continues to publish the names of blacklisted brokers who operate in that country without authorization. While many French brokers have filed with the AMF for licensure, which involves proof of financial guarantees, there are still many international brokers seeking foreign clients who have yet to obtain authorization. Indeed, as of this date, CySEC’s term of authority has expired. While the European Commission still demands regulatory legislation governing international markets, we have no way of knowing what, if any deterrents are in place in many countries for brokers who violate regulations.

Recommended Brokers

Binary options trading, especially in the modern age of computer algorithms and mobile networks, has continued to increase in the US. It’s cost-effective, requires no special knowledge, and anyone can initiate binary options trades. However, one of the drawbacks to further growth is that there are only a limited number of binary options platforms in the US. This is in part because of the strict oversight of the CFTC. Only a limited number of brokers have been authorised to operate within the US.

One additional drawback is that current laws governing binary options are not yet fully defined or well-established. However, legislators are working with the SEC and CFTC to develop a fixed set of regulations that will make it easier for more brokers to comply with binary options requirements and become licensed.

Before trading, it’s best to check a binary options brokers review with a trusted industry source.

Obtaining Authorization

For any broker, either within or outside the US to obtain licensure requires meeting a range of criteria. Bank accounts must be held separately to ensure that benefits are paid to clients regardless of the broker’s financial solvency. Client accounts are segregated so that one client’s funds can’t be used to pay off another.

There are several other stipulations to ensure the honest reporting of quotes, and alerts and security systems for protecting client information. This includes the responsibility for warning traders who show signs of addictive trading habits. These and many other policies must be in place for binary options brokers to gain authorization to serve US traders.

The best binary options brokers have licensed or provide proof that they provide guarantees of transparency, quality service, and accountability.

Still, offshore brokers continue to solicit US clients. This doesn’t by default mean that all unauthorised binary options brokers are not trustworthy. Many of them are and may meet all criteria to comply with regulations. Hundreds of brokers have already filed for approval both within and outside the US. Consult a binary options brokers review to discover a list of brokers you can trust.

Selecting a Reliable Online Binary Options Broker

The World of Binary Options Trading

Binary options trading is becoming more and more popular with each passing day. People everywhere are gravitating to it for numerous reasons. Many believe that it’s a lucrative investment approach. Success in the binary options trading world often revolves around luck. It often requires a significant amount of skill, patience and time. It’s frequently a combination of both as well. It also can’t hurt to have the help of a great online binary options broker. Choosing the perfect online binary options broker is a process that calls for a lot of care, dedication and focus. Traders who want to gain rather than lose should take the search process seriously.

Pay Attention to Assets

Brokers possess assets that can be traded. They’re not always the same. These assets can be specific kinds of currency. They can be commodities such as wheat, cotton and gold. They can even be stocks. Traders who want to make smart choices should look for brokers that are equipped with assets they find desirable. The search process is simple, too. Broker sites feature designated “Asset Index” sections that provide helpful asset information.

Focus on Expiration Times

The majority of binary options traders out there have options in standard 15 minute, half hour, a full hour and 24 hour expiration times. Weekly expiration times are also usually available. There are some binary options traders, however, that have brief 60 second expiration times. Traders who want to succeed should focus carefully on expiration times. Newbies may want to play it safe and opt for trading times that are anywhere between half an hour and a full hour in length. They often benefit from waiting. 60 second time periods are suited to traders who are on the seasoned side. It’s critical for traders to understand financial market assets in significant detail.

Make Financial Devices a Priority

It’s always intelligent to select an online binary options broker that provides traders with plentiful choices in financial devices. Helpful tools can do so much for traders who want to do well. These tools can come in handy for traders who wish to evaluate economic factors. They can also come in handy for traders who want to evaluate the finance scene in general. It’s never the best idea to simply go with pure instinct. That can often pave the way for financial losses and errors and mishaps of all kinds. Traders who are serious about reducing risk should learn as much as possible. They should assess the market in a technical manner. They should always be on the lookout for trends and shifts. Choosing a good online binary options broker should be looking for one that has devices that cover commodities, live stocks, currency details and indices. The best binary options broker is usually the one that gives traders numerous tool choices at all times.

Assess Profits and Returns in Considerable Detail

Binary options trading can sometimes be extremely lucrative and promising. It can be particularly profitable for those who have the assistance of capable brokers. People who want to do well in binary options trading should seek brokers that can provide them with significant returns. Good payouts are usually a positive sign. Returns are anywhere between 60 and 80 percent, although this varies. It’s essential for traders to note, too, however, that brokers that have solid returns aren’t necessarily the finest choices. Many different elements go into the best binary options broker. Things aren’t always as simple as they may seem.

Look for a Reliable Support Staff

A reputable and trustworthy online binary options broker should have a reliable and friendly support staff available to all traders. This is 100 percent critical. Traders should always have access to support they can fully trust. Traders who want to find online binary options brokers that have great support departments don’t have to worry. They can look at all of the binary options broker review websites that are available online. Online reviews can provide them with a considerable amount of insight. A comprehensive binary options broker review may discuss everything from support staff quality to profits and returns. Internet reviews can be highly useful to all ambitious traders.

Top 5 Forex News 17th of april



Clean Money casts wider net: I-T probes property deals, forex remittances – Business Standard (press release) (registration) (blog) income tax department (I-T) has widened the net to nab tax evaders who have not just deposited unaccounted cash during the note-ban period but have also made high-value property deals and sent money abroad under the guise of outward remittances … Clean Money casts wider net: I-T probes property deals, forex remittances – Business Standard (press release) (registration) (blog)




Rupee down 3 paise against dollar in early trade – The Hindu, a weak dollar against major global currencies capped the losses, Forex dealers said. The domestic unit closed higher by 26 paise at 64.41 in the previous session on Thursday on account of fresh selling of the American currency by exporters, … Rupee down 3 paise against dollar in early trade – The Hindu




Japan says it’s committed to G20 agreement on forex policy – WHTC says it’s committed to G20 agreement on forex policy. Sunday, April 16, 2017 11:06 p.m. EDT. Light is cast on a U.S. one-hundred dollar bill next to a Japanese 10,000 yen note in this picture illustration shot February 28, 2013. RE. TOKYO … Japan says it’s committed to G20 agreement on forex policy – WHTC




FOREX-Dollar at 5-month low vs yen on increasing North Korea tensions – Reuters, April 17 The dollar dipped to a five-month low against the yen early on Monday as rising tensions over North Korea kept the safe-haven Japanese currency in demand. The dollar was down 0.3 percent at 108.235 yen, its lowest since mid-November.DailyForex.comNasdaq FOREX-Dollar at 5-month low vs yen on increasing North Korea tensions – Reuters




Forex – Aussie ticks higher in thin holiday trade with China GDP ahead – Nasdaq – The Aussie ticked slightly higher in early Asia on Monday with China GDP for the first quarter to set the tone and investors keep a wary eye over tensions on the Korean peninsula. AUD/USD traded at 0.7580, up 0.03% with markets in …Forex Crunch Forex – Aussie ticks higher in thin holiday trade with China GDP ahead – Nasdaq


Bonus from TR Binary Options

TR Binary Options Trade Bonus
How This Broker Can Make You Profit

Broker websites with binary options are always becoming more popular as a result of their popularity, but not all of them has the same features and customer-friendly support this one has. TR Binary Options knows that investing in this kind of system can be risky, so they offer tonnes of promotions to their users that increase the likelihood that they will leave the website with profit.
TR Binary Options is one of the most popular sites in the field out there, and this popularity comes with the bonus advantage they offer for you to get an edge over other competitors in the same system.

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These binary options bonuses are not only generous, but they are progressive. If you create an account on the website, you’ll start with what they call a “mini account,” where you will receive 25% of your investment to a maximum of $250 over what you deposit.
This kind of benefit keeps progressing as you start improving your membership on the website. You’ll achieve the next level of account with 30% bonus cash, and then the third option is a silver account in which you’ll receive 50% of your money back as bonus cash, and it keeps progressing. The last one is the Platinum account with tons of gifts like the chance of having three guaranteed profitable trades.
The system allows users to earn a minimum of 81% of their investments with a chance of receiving 500% back.

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Previously called TradeRush, they recently renamed the program to TR Binary Options in 2015. The website is owned by the company Marblestone Partners LTD located in London, England.
Being one of the most supportive brokers out there, teeming with bonuses, TR Binary Options is also uniquely designed to be intuitive and easy to learn for anyone that is not aware of how the system work. Having the full set of options of trading available to them, this is a great broker for anyone that is looking to begin profiting with binary trades.

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Bonus from Tudor Trade

TudorTrade Bonus


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Happy news for binary options traders as came up with an exclusive sign up bonus offer for the new traders. The trusted broker offers four types of accounts for the aspiring traders, and it includes Introduction Account, Traders’ Test Account, FX Traders’ Account, and Pro Traders’ Account. The Introduction Account offers 50 percent trading bonus, $100 demo account, and one risk-free trade of $25, and the account needs a $250 deposit.


In Traders’ Test Account, the traders get the advantages of $300 demo account, 75 percent trading bonus, and four risk-free trades of $25, and it can be started with a deposit of $500. The FX Traders’ Account gives $2000 demo account, five risk-free trades of $250, 100 percent trading bonus and additionally gets volume insurance worth 40 percent of the capital, 1.4 percent guaranteed monthly interest on the amount in the account, and weekly consultant meetings on money management. The initial deposit of the account is $5000. The Pro Traders’ Account comes with $15,000 deposit and offers $5000 demo account, 150 percent trading bonus, five risk-free trades of $750, volume insurance at 55 percent of the invested capital, 1.8 percent monthly interest, and on demand money management services.

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Tudor Trade started its operations in 2016 and quickly grown as a trusted name in binary options trading. Being headquartered in U.K., the broker offers various binary trading options to its customers around the globe. Tudor Trade offers trading in currencies, stock indices, shares, and commodities while there are options to trade from short term live sessions to long-term growth structure and account management trading.


Tudor Trade is a complete web-based platform with instant access from anywhere around the world. The platform is 100 percent secure on trading, and it is enabled with SSL encryption – means account details, personal information and trading history are completely safe and gets 24/5 expert support. Additionally, it gives maximum returns up to 90 percent.


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Finance Week for April 16 – 22 provides a summary of next week. Relevant event to track if interested. Australia is always a important market to observe.


Finance News for April 16 – 22

DIARY OF AUSTRALIAN FINANCE: Sunday, April 16 to Saturday, April 22.

TUESDAY, April 18

Sydney 1130 AEST – Minutes of Reserve Bank of Australia‘s April monetary policy meeting

Sydney – CoreLogic capital city house prices for the week just ended

Adelaide – Oil Search first quarter production report


Sydney 1130 AEST – Australian Bureau of Statistics new motor vehicles sales for March

THURSDAY, April 20

Perth – Woodside first quarter production report

Sydney – ASX 100 Cyber health check report

FRIDAY, April 21

Adelaide – Santos first quarter production report



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Facebook vs. Snap Turning Into a War of Attrition With Facebook Flexing Their Muscles

There’s a war going on in cyberspace, but a war that will have financial ramifications for stock investors. Depending on who surfaces as the ultimate winner. Facebook and Snapchat have taken off the gloves the last few weeks and waged a war of attrition over the most valuable commodity they both thirst for, users.

The massive social media giant Facebook has on two separate occasions, attempted to purchase what they obviously sense may be their most imposing rival. Facebook and Twitter are alternative social media options, but they seem to have been able to live in joint harmony, sharing most of the social media community. While Snapchat, or Snap for short, has continued to defy conventional wisdom on how valuable they will be to investors, they have held their ground against a buyout.

Flexing Facebook Muscle

Snap has shown a brazen defiance of what to many would indicate a rather suspect level of good sense. However, investment sense and conventional wisdom, wonder how Snapchat will last the race in the face of such monumental odds.
Now, the whole idea that they had something different, something akin to a competitive edge has evaporated. Facebook appears ready to flex its financial muscle to take from Snap what it could not get with a purchase request, everything.

Playing Hardball

Recently Facebook seemed to send a shot directly at the stubbornness of Snap, by adding an in-app camera to the WhatsApp function. Now Facebook users can basically do the same thing from the comfort of their Facebook account that Snap offers. Share video and images, plus throw in a convenient status update quite similar to Snapchat’s popular ‘Stories’. Facebook gave the feature a test drive in a few countries, before rolling it out to over one billion users.

Feeling the Competition

Late in 2016, Snap already conceded that it was feeling the weight of heavy competition. In an SEC report, Snap admitted that user growth had decreased, especially in the overseas markets. Some think that the drop understated the impact of Facebook’s recent additions and a dramatic decrease would have been a more truthful appraisal of the state of affairs.
Snap’s loss of users may not be from the North American teen sector as much as they are losing the people over thirty. Maybe not the biggest problem when you simply look at raw numbers, but it’s from the over thirty crowd that financial stability comes from. Snap may not show an immediate a loss in the underage market, but they are feeling the competition in the market responsible for investment profits.

So, Goes the Story?

Facebook implemented a similar feature as Stories to Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger. All three ironically mirror the popular photo and video capability that was championed by Snapchat. Facebook Stories has the identical filters and masks that Snap called lenses. Users are able to add colorful features, strangely position facial hair, along with a number of other quirky things like glitter.
The Facebook update itself, is the most symbolic change they have made to the social media platform since altering the News Feed in 2006, or the Timeline adjustments in 2011. With a user trend, both young and old, towards more sharing of photographs and video, Facebook deemed these features to be essential to their stay in the market share.
In actuality, with things that are essentially a mirror image of Snapchat, this is just a different way of telling the same ‘Story’. With the tools to give the 18 to 25 year old market the same setup they showed such a fondness for as Snap users, Facebook may have foretold the future profitability of Snap, or so goes the ‘Story’.
With the massive following and market security that Facebook has developed during its existence, it’s difficult to fathom how Snapchat will be able to endure for the long haul. Initial stock prices seemed rather favorable, but no one can come up with a plausible explanation of how Snap will last in what appears to be a steady war of attrition. The battle between Facebook and Snap may turn into a situation where only the strongest survive and Facebook is certainly flexing their muscle.


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