Online Trading – how it all began

When we look at history regarding trading we first must understand and go back to the beginning of Greek civilization. Going as far back as the 16th century it is quite evident that trading was a major part of human civilization and individual financial development. Southwest Asia is said to be where trading originally was birthed. There is something unique and gratifying when people transfer goods or services in exchange for other items and even money. Trading between individuals made the way for the barter system existence. Many of the most popular billionaires you will find on the planet understand the need to have their own personal barter system. The barter system took trading to the next level. Mankind adapted this new and improved way of exchanging sometimes physical labor for room and board and even time for ideas. Money slowly became the alternative as other things played a role in this new system. During the barter system we became informed, educated, introduced to credit cards, the purpose and it’s benefits. Different regions of the world became familiar with one another and realized the benefit both locations can have in trading. As both retail and wholesale trading began to grow exponentially we cant help but realize the history behind the now modern day phenomenon called online trading.

The history of online stock trading can be fascinating and yet very misunderstood. The revolution and the induction of the internet truly changed the stock trading industry forever. When the public first got introduced to the internet and how the internet actually worked, the service and the steps on how trading online worked was a hit. When we look back as to how stocks were originally traded we recognize that brokers, investors, and telephones really were our only way to get the job done. In these modern times we are now freed from this slow way of life regarding how individuals trade. Now that electronic stock trading is on the scene the old ways of doing things and not accepted and no longer exist. No middle man and no telephones are necessary as the technology era is taking over, all profitable transactions are going at speeds of light. The future of company stock is safe regarding the online trading industry. If you have access to a computer or even now a cellphone your set. Electronics communications network (ECNs) started to be used by many in the early 1900’s. The brokerage industry never been the same ever since. Then in 1982, the two became one. Internet online trading with computers really changed the way brokers conducted their trades. Although the stock market did crash in 1987, stocks were surprisedly not affected and was able to maintain its position. Then in the 1900’s the history of stocks changed forever as it took off full speed. One of the many jobs that blossomed during the trading era was actually becoming an online stock trading broker. Along with the online stock trading brokers, the online trading businesses are expanding and growing at fast speeds. One of the many online brokerage companies include Charles Schwab, Scottrade and TDAmeritrade. The future of online stocks trading is extremely promising and lucrative. As apps are on the rise many companies are adding apps to their companies. It will broaden the way people trade especially with the convenient way to pull up your own portfolio on your phone. A special thanks goes out to the innovative minds of app creations. You have access to information regarding stocks purchasing and future stock trades. Another necessary tool that is so not taken enough advantage of is the online tools such as ebooks and self help tutorials located right on the web. With these tools accessible to everyone the need for assistance advice or even the options of others are not needed. There is more to the history of online stock trading and how it started. This is indeed a time in history that individuals are becoming self taught, and self-made, millionaires and billionaires. As the continuation of online trading rise the history of where it came from will never be forgotten.


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