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Ivory Options – A Binary Options Review

There are many trading brokers in the binary options trading industry. More are coming on board every day. The amenities that they offer are wide and some of the platforms are a little difficult to use. A few, however, are more concerned with making the transactions of their customers an easy and profitable interaction. Giving you access to the most heavily traded markets with the simplicity of making a variety of investments in binary options, Ivory options is leading the way in the field of online brokerages.

The broker

Ivory Options was established in 2014 as a retail trading environment where the most expansive options in the binary options market are available. Ivory has some of the most technologically advanced trading software available on the market for the use of its customers. Ivory Options caters to the ever-expanding needs of the modern binary options trader by offering a wealth of trading opportunities that can only be found at their site.

Ivory Options has stepped up their efforts to respond to the needs of the active trader by putting more and easier to use information and technology at your disposal.


Ivory Options was opened in the UK and is not constrained by US laws. They are not licensed and are not required to comply with US laws regarding financial institutions.


While the focus of any reliable options brokerage house is the trading, Ivory Options offers a complete and extensive library of articles and videos to help the aspiring trader to design and implement their trading strategy. There is a wealth of educational information at your disposal. This library has also classified the material targeted to your level of trading. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced trader who is seeking information, all the information is readily available to you in clear and easy to understand displays.

One of the more important services that they provide is the one-on-one live trading service. In this service the trader has the option to make live trading decisions with the assistance and advice of a professional trader who is eminently experienced in the markets and who is completely dedicated to advancing your skills as a proficient trader. This option gives the account holder a wealth of experienced insight into the market they are trading as well as the expertise of a seasoned trader. This experience is something that most traders will consider to be one of the best features of this brokerage.

Whether you are an experienced veteran or a novice beginner to the trading markets, you will not feel alone on the trading floor. The one-on-one trader assigned to you is there to walk you through the basics of making a simple trade or to assist you in making the most exotic options strategies of the professional traders.

What can you trade

The trading assets available for you to trade cover a fairly wide variety of vehicles. From common stocks, currency pairs, commodities, as well as all major indices from exchanges around the world. This is a splendid array of trading vehicles for you to explore. It’s comforting to know that the volume of traded assets is large enough to give you the trading opportunities you require. At the same time, the currency pairs and commodities are some of the most widely traded and liquid assets trading on the market. This is particularly inviting as many online brokerage services tend to deal in currency pairs that are not highly trading or commodities that are unfamiliar.

A few of the more common options on stocks in the US market that are traded at Ivory are Coca-Cola, IBM, Microsoft, and Apple. Many other common stocks are also available from around the world in the biggest markets such as Russia and London.
In the highly traded currency market, the need to trade the most liquid currency pairs is an option that new traders will soon find to be of utmost value. Hedging and speculating can be done in the most common currencies such as the USD/EUR and JPY/USD. The liquidity of these trading markets makes for distinctive trading advantages to the speculator as well as the hedging investor.

Common commodities such as gold, silver, and coffee are just a select few of the commodities available to trade at Ivory Options. These commodities are some of the most simple to understand and easiest to speculate because they are common forms of trade in nearly every country in the world. The economic conditions of these marketable commodities are easy to access information for and thereby making an informed decision about the predictable movement in the price is a simple task.
Knowing that you are invested in an asset that is easy to enter and exit quickly and easily is a distinct advantage in the options trading environment. The speed and effort involved in making your transaction often make the difference between a winning and losing trade.

Trading Software

Ivory options uses a web-based trading platform. There is no need to download anything or have specific computer software to use it. In addition to the software trading platform, Ivory Options assigns a special accounts manager to you. The accounts manager is assigned based on the language you prefer and your location in the world. Their tailor made support is geared to give you the utmost in reliability and assurance.

The software is called Spotoption and is considered to be on the cutting edge of the most innovative and up to date software on the market. The software boasts a success rate of around 75-80%, but further research is showing average returns closer to 83%. The ease of making a transaction is always of paramount importance to the active trader. This can be done with a simple one click of your mouse and the trade is instantly made. There is no need to agonize over waiting for long periods of time to see if you are going to get your trade at the price you want.

Bonus offers

Ivory Options gives a very generous bonus for signing up and opening an account with them. Currently, the bonus is 50% of the amount deposited but is increased up to 100% if the deposit is made on the weekend. As a comparison to other online brokerage houses, this is on par but slightly higher than the normal rate. Because of the relative newness of the web site, you can assume they are making a push to attract new customers, so don’t expect that the generous bonuses will be around for long.
They also offer an app for your phone which they give you another $50 just for downloading. The interesting bonus is the one they offer for referring a friend. If you refer a friend to open an account, they will credit you with up to $1,000 reward. This can be an exceptional bonus as you can make money simply by telling your friends about the advantages of opening an account.

Customer support

The live chat customer support option is the best in the business and is available to you even on Sunday. They have a well-informed staff who are readily available to answer your questions on the spot without the high-pressure sales tactics that some of the brokerage houses use. It’s clear that they are devoted to resolving whatever issues you have rather than generating commissions. They respond in clear intelligible and plain easy to understand English.

Deposit & Withdrawals

Ivory Options is not open to US based customers. However, they are taking deposits with no maximum through Visa, Mastercard, wire transfers and Neteller. They do not charge a transaction fee for moving money into or out of an account. Withdraws are made in the same manner but there are slight minimums such as $500 for wire transfers and $100 for credit cards.


The overall rating of this web site is a B+. They are certainly ahead of the game when it comes to providing their customers with the technology and trading ease. The software they use is a highly regarded program that offers better than average returns and they back up their platform with excellent support and customer service. The fact that they are off limits to US-based customers is a bit of a drawdown. As for the rest of the world, they can be assured that their transactions are placed in the hands of a professional team of expert traders.

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