Review of Magnum Options


Broker Magnum Options
Website URL
Founded 2013
Headquarters Gibraltar
Support Number +44-800-680-0683
Support Types Live Chat, Support Mail,
Languages English
Trading Platform SpotOption
Minimum 1st Deposit $250
Minimum Account Size $250
Minimum Trade Amount $10
Maximum Trade Amount $10000
Bonus Up to 100% first deposit bonus
Payout 82%
Free Demo Account Yes
Account Types Mini, Standard, Executive, Gold
Deposit Methods Credit Card, Debit Card, Western Union, CashU, Wire transfer
Withdrawal Methods Credit Card, Debit Card, Western Union, CashU, Wire transfer
Number of Assets 250+
Expiry Times 60sec, 15min, 30min, 1 hr, 24hr+
Types of Assets Currencies, Stocks, Indices, Commodities
Option Types Call/Put, Option Builder, One Touch, 60 sec, Sell back options
Account Currency USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD
US Traders Allowed No
Mobile Trading Yes
Tablet Trading Yes
Overall Score 4.6


  • Good deposit bonus
  • High ROI


  • Only English
A Review Of Magnum Options

Magnum Options is an online home for binary options trading that may be used by anyone who wishes to trade. Trading options for customers are wide-ranging, and they may partake when they like. This article offers an explanation of how Magnum Options does their work, and the firm helps customers who are learning the trade for the first time. Each step in the process ensures clients may make quite a lot of money, and readers may open and use an account once they understand how the site functions.

#1: What Does Magnum Options Do?

Magnum Options is a forum for trading that may be used by anyone at any time. The site allows customers to open their accounts online, and they will learn quickly where to begin betting on assets. Magnum Options works just like any brokerage house and they provide services that support customers. Customers need not find a place to trade options alone when they may use the site, and they may make as many bets on options as they like. The site is open to quite a lot of volume, and customers may fill their accounts with wagers they may check when they like. Each bet may last a differing amount of time, and the options will close when the time limit is up.

#2: What Are Binary Options?

Binary Options are a trading tool that may be used by consumers who wish to make simple investments. The options will rise or fall in a given period of time, and the trader chooses between one or the other. The up or down principle of binary options lends it its name, and customers may choose up or down many times over. Each option will pay out when customers are correct about their prediction, and customers lose their money when they are incorrect.

Binary options are based on assets that exist on the market that day, and the assets may be changed at any time. There is a list of assets on the Magnum Options site, and they will change when the site feels they must. Anyone reading through the site will find it quite easy to use, and they will notice how simple it is to manage once they check daily.

Traders are making wagers every day will save themselves quite a lot of time, and they will uncover many new assets that may be useful. It is quite important that traders are using their information to make the finest decisions, and they must ensure they are wagering when they believe they have an opportunity to make money.

#3: How Do Traders Start Their Accounts?

Traders may start their accounts at Magnum Options at any time, and they will enter their personal information before continuing. The personal information allows the company to create an account for the customer, and they will ask for payment information on the account.

The account is created with a dashboard that may be checked at any time, and the customer may check on their trades as they like. Traders who are working the system will find it quite simple to use, and they will see the status of each bet they have made. The trend of the asset is listed, and the amount bet is shown. Traders may manage their money better as a result of their time spent on the site, and they will find it quite easy to budget for their next trades.

The accounts on the site may be used at any time, and traders may trade when they like. The assets are consistent on the world markets, and they are free for trading when customers are ready.

#4: What Are Traders Betting On?

The assets at Magnum Options are listed on their own page, and someone who wishes to bet on assets may read the site in moments. Checking the site helps customers learn the assets they must use, and each part of the page has assets that split into their own categories. There are several different categories that will help traders choose appropriate assets, and those who are trying to choose assets may make inquiries in every category before their choice is made.

Assets may may change at any time, and the site reserves the right to alter the list. They must check the list every day to ensure they are using proper assets, and it is quite important someone has checked the asset list every day for more options. Someone who is searching for a better asset option may choose anything they like at any time.

#5: The Company Has Information For Customers

Magnum Options has quite a lot of information for their clients, and the articles printed on the site are created for informational purposes. There are several different articles that may be read for a certain asset, and someone who is searching for information may read about specific assets they are interested in.

Information that explains how the assets will perform help clients when they wish to make a wager. Someone who wishes to bet on assets will find it much easier to make a bet when they are looking for information on new products. The assets chosen will determine the success of the bet, and there are several different bets that may be placed at the same time.

#6: How Are Monetary Transactions Completed?

Transactions on the site are completed over a secure server, and they are completed in moments once the customer has made their choice. The choices made by the customer are all completed over the secure server, and anyone who wishes to place money in their account may do so in the same fashion. Accounts on the site are secure in every way, and withdrawals are completed just as deposits. The site helps customers do their business in a few moments, and they will avoid trouble they may have had with deposits and withdrawals on other sites.

#7: Does The Site Offer Bonuses To Customers?

There are several account packages that may be chosen by customers, and they will include deposit bonuses that help every customer make a bit of extra money. The money made on the site is quite important as it is the scorecard for the customer, and they may use the bonus to invest more than they were previously. The money from a bonus must be used to invest, and it must be used to create volume in an account before the money may be taken out.

#8: How Does Customer Support Work?

Customer support on the site is simple and functional for everyone. There are quite a few people who need to place a call to hear their options, and they will speak to someone on the staff who knows how to help with binary options. The phone call may be more helpful than an email, and it is simpler for everyone.

Emails are taken by the company at any time, and the email responses will offer a wealth of information the customer needs. The customer is in need of help with their account in the fastest manner possible. Emails help set up a chain of information and questions that may be referenced in the future, and the customer may reply to the emails when they like.

Live chat on the site helps customer get answers over the website at any time. The website is a quick place to find information, and they must ensure they are chatting with someone who will answer their questions or solve problems in moments. Live chat is the best service to use when a customer is in a bind, and they may send their question in seconds.

The live chat sessions establish a relationship between the customer and the site, and they help both parties feel as though they understand each other. The customer must feel as though they will receive proper information at the proper times, and they will meet someone on the chat line who is easy to talk to.

#9: The Verdict On The Site

Magnum Options is a lovely website to use for binary options trading, and it provides customers with all they need. There are many ways to place bets on binary options, and anyone who wishes to make a wager today will see the results of the wager on their dashboard. Customers do not wait to get their money back, and they have a long list of assets they may bet on. It is quite simple to use the site when trading beings, and any trade may be made at any time. The customer is free to trade at-will, and they are welcome to check their account when they need.

Magnum Options helps customers when they are trading on binary options, and they provide a list of assets that will help increase profits. Someone who is preparing to make money on the site may sign up at any time, and they will learn quickly how to balance the options they are betting on every day.

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