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Review Of Options-Bank

Options-Bank, as a top binary options broker, was established last year (2016) and operates from their United Kingdom base. The broker is one investment option that’s ideal for a novice and an expert trader, and they offer the Finantick platform to their traders for a seamless transition. For traders who are thinking of moving from their current broker to a different one or that are just starting out to get used to the trading markets, this is a place to try.

Options-Bank may be relatively new, but they are probably among the most professional firms in the binary options industry. The business partners and founders of the firm have well over 80 years of experience in the finance industry which attests to their reliability in a fully saturated industry.

Options-Bank Trading Platform/ Mobile

The trading platform of this broker, powered by Finantick, is relatively easy to use and also the friendliest when it comes to usability. It is also fitted to all mobile devices such as Android phones, iPads, iPhones, without the need for downloading any supporting app or software it’s a simple trade system that can be accessed through any web browser you prefer.

The firm specializes in quick execution trades and always offer the best pricing as well as expiry rates that traders can hope for on every Currency, stock, commodity and indices.

Type of Accounts offered and Minimum deposit

Options-bank offers just three types of accounts, and they depend on the particular investment of the trader.

The broker took some time to come up with 3 very different accounts that are explicitly geared towards the novice, advanced or the professional trader. The accounts vary in both the amount of the first deposit, the services offered with the ‘Fund Protection Insurance’ that’s obtainable. Traders can benefit from the free Skype signals as well as a choice of tactics offered by personal account managers from their team.

• The PRO Account

Experienced professional will definitely enjoy the benefits of the PRO account. It has every single perk as well as an enthusiastic account manager that’ll be available to traders’ 24 hours of every day when the markets are open. Here, the minimum deposit is $10,000, while its 100% bonus will definitely bump up your first investment. Traders are entitled to four risk-free trades of about $500.00 each, and this is money that can’t be lost! Also, they get the signals in their email as well as their personal credit card. All holders of such accounts receive a monthly interest rate of about 1.8%.

• The Standard Account

The standard account is ideal for advanced traders who prefer to increase their invested capital. It’s also for those who have more freedom and can move with the market. The bonus here is also up to 100% on the minimum deposit of $5,00.00. Signals are sent directly to your Skype with a fund protection of 5%. This particular account also gives the trader the option of 4 risk-free trades of about $250.00.

• The Micro Account

New traders need just $1,000.00 to join the market on this account. This account will also benefit a new trader because they are allowed to have up to 75% bonus, and this number will almost double the initial invested capital they put in. It will also be a useful asset when you’re becoming well grounded in the trading world. Four risk-free trades of about $50.00 imply that you can’t lose on any trade. When you lose the risk-free trade, you’ll be refunded immediately. Lastly, traders can get a whopping 50% discount on signal services.

Bonus payment on each package

– Micro Account (minimum deposit is $1000 – Up to 75% in Bonus.)

– Standard Account (Minimum deposit: $5,000 – Up to about 75% Bonus – Skype signals -four Risk-free trades with a Free iPhone 6S)

– PRO Account (Minimum deposit: $10,000 – Up to about 100% Bonus with Skype Signals as well as four Risk-free trades and a Free iPad PRO)

All account types offered by this trading platform have been proven to be the most useful to both experts and beginners in binary options trading. Also, the company offers securities to make sure your first few days in binary trading are fruitful.
With their risk-free trade off that offers up to 25% of the initial investment amount, traders can be assured that they will be profiting from the first day.
As an industrial requirement, this trading platform will offer up to about 100% welcome bonus to each Standard account and 75% bonus to every registered deposited account.
Also, Pro Accounts are given debit cards for quick access to profits as well as great promotions given on a daily, monthly and weekly basis.

Minimum deposit

This platform offers a special minimum deposit to started traders, and it costs $250, however for the experienced traders, it’s highly recommended that you choose a “Standard Account” (with a deposit of $5000) with loads of benefits.

Assets and other Platform features

With the option of more than 220 tradable assets in the firm’s portfolio, Options-Bank provides an intuitive interface, and its software is provided by Finantick. This software is unmatched by a majority of its long-standing competitors in the trading industry.

Assets include Currencies such as EUR/USD, USD/JPY, USD/GPB. Five majors alongside a host of other more exquisite pairs. Commodities that always make headlines such as GOLD, PLATINUM, OIL, SILVER, stocks and Indices are the most popular amongst traders (FTSE, AEX, JONES, DOW, APPLE, FACEBOOK, MICROSOFT and GOOGLE).

This trading platform offers traders various trading features for both short and long term trades. The terms include:

Short term: 30, 60, 120, 180 seconds, to 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes.

Long term: Daily, Weekly, or even Monthly, two months, three months up to six months. Manage your earnings on the trading platform of your currency choice, whether it’s USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, CYN, CAN, AUD, RUB, or CHF.

Assets of the trading platform

The platform offers about 140 assets to trade, and they include stocks, commodities, indices and currencies.

All Asset Indexes available to traders are of the highest variety online. Below are just a few examples of such stocks available all through world market times: AMAZON, ALIBABA, APPLE, BARCLAYS, BANK OF AMERICA, BMW, BNP PARIBAS, BP, BOEING, CITI GROUP, CARLSBERG, COCA COLA, GOOGLE, EXXON MOBIL, FACEBOOK, and much more!

Currency pairs of the trading platform

For traders who prefer to remain close to the volatile markets, this platform will provide the following assets with almost 24-hour expiry times! The brokers offer world calls Pairs like EUR/USD, GBP/USD, EUR/GBP, AUD/USD, USD/JPY, USD/RUB, GBP/AUD, NZD/USD, USD/CAD, USD/TRY, USD/RUB, USD/CHF. It has many more Currency pairs that are given to high-class traders based on request with custom benefits as well as trading requirements.

The trading platform will also offer trading in 60 seconds up to an hour trade on commodities (SILVER, GOLD, COFFEE, OIL, ECT) and indices (DAX, FTSE, DOW, DUBAI and much more! As well as other binary options pairs that may be seen on the trading platform.

Payout to traders

The best way to tell a good broker is the assets as well as payouts that they offer! With close to 92% payout this platform has earned a place as a top-ranked broker.

Deposit and withdrawal

Traders can deposit and also withdraw through the most common methods such as credit cards or Wire Transfer.

At Options-Bank, traders can find the most respectable withdrawal policy with fast execution on withdraws as compared to all other platforms in the industry. The Credit card withdrawals are processed in not up to 24 hours from Monday to Friday.

Options-bank Bonuses and Promotions

This broker plans to reward its loyal traders by offering traders of all types of accounts up to a 100% bonus on their first deposit. That is not all. The platform also offers new account holders monthly promotions, and they can be either an IPad Pro, an iPhone 6S, or 50% discount on signals service.

This bonus makes provision for both new and expert traders to practice their strategies and trades, on the Finantick platform without any personal loss.

Customer Support and Education

They offer an outstanding support through email, Skype, phone and live chat.

The platform provides one of the best trading courses for both expert and beginner traders. Their School of binary enriches the trader’s knowledge in technical trading and helps them learn the newest strategies alongside learning how to use the daily market events with world market news to the fullest.

US Traders

The platform is open to worldwide users, and this includes the US-based traders.

– Excellent 24/7 Support
– User-friendly Platform
– Close to 90% Payout
– 100% Bonus
– Quick and easy Withdrawals
– Free Skype Signals for some accounts.

– Only available in English.
– Not a US regulated platform

Options-Bank Review: Summary

Try their trading platform with educational material that has been found to be up to date and relevant, if that doesn’t provoke you to try them, then allow their quick and high payout of 90% be the main deciding factor.
This platform is the one stop shop for both binary options and Forex trades that are searching for security, stability, as well as transparency in the management of account with the highest returns on the market.

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