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Broker Redwood Options
Website URL
Founded 2013
Headquarters Cyprus
Support Types Live Chat, Support Email
Languages English, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Turkish, Arabic
Trading Platform SpotOption
Minimum 1st Deposit $200
Minimum Trade Amount $10
Maximum Trade Amount $5000
Bonus up to 100% Deposit Bonus
Payout 81%
Free Demo Account Yes
Account Types Mini, Executive, Gold
Deposit Methods Visa, MasterCard, Bank Wire, Maestro, Cartebleue
Withdrawal Methods Visa, MasterCard, Bank Wire, Maestro, Cartebleue
Expiry Times 60 sec, 15 min, 30 min, 1 hr, 24 hr+, End of Day, End of Week
Types of Assets Currencies, Stocks, Indices, Commodities
Option Types High / Low, One Touch, Option Builder, Meta Charts, Pair Options
Account Currency USD, AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP
US Traders Allowed No
Mobile Trading Yes
Tablet Trading Yes
Overall Score


  • Low minimum investment
  • Great payout rates


  • Customer Support can be a bit slow sometimes

The success of Wall Street investors and the proliferation of the internet have combined to offer the small individual investor the same platforms for trading that the big boys use. In today’s global economy most investors are aware of how affairs in one country can affect numerous distant global economies. The lure of investing has created an expanded need for and other options trading platforms to satisfy the desire of small investors around the world.

How to trade
The latest buzz in the world of investing is a simplified system of making options trading available to all traders and investors. Options have been a complicated element of trading for decades, and with the sophisticated and customized software available today, options trading is much easier than ever before. Options trading is broken down into two categories; the right to buy an option, referred to as a call, or the right to sell an option, called a put. In Forex trading, it is possible to go long (buy) or short (sell) on any of the multiple offered positions. Forex, currency trading, deals in the valuation between two currencies. The individual trader looks at the pair of currencies and determines which one of the two will increase in value compared to the other; at this point, the trader buys or sells the position.
Like all investing your original investment can increase in value or decrease in value and the lure of binary options trading is that the results are determined in a very short time. Many traders who want a quick notification of trade success or failure are drawn to the binary options trading strategy. All options have a time frame, and at any time you can trade an option to someone else or hold it to maturity for gain or in the case of binary options, once you pay for the play then you are quickly rewarded if your call or put exceeds the cost of buying the option.
Binary options trade the differential of two positions like the Forex market. The results are fast and furious and have brought thousands of traders to the binary options arena. began in Cyprus in 2013 and has established an easy to understand and functioning platform and with it a reputation in the options industry that should make every trader comfortable.
To get started go to the website ( read about the history of the company, look at the disclosures and then download the demo program to get started with binary options. The orientation of the trading page is easy to comprehend, and a visitor to the site will be having fun and learning about options. This understanding of options can be very valuable to your future trading and the well being of your portfolio.
It is easy to get started with simply chose a level of initial investment, there are several based on the amount of your initial investment, transfer monies via any number of safe and secure credit and debit cards, or online banking services, and you are ready to enter the fascinating world of options investing. A $250. investment gets you started, and there currently is a special one-time bonus being offered of an additional 30 percent on this minimum deposit once your initial deposit is received. This is like receiving free money and is a one-time only offer.
If you want to try your skills before you put your hard-earned money on the line, then you should use their demo program. This demo program works just like the real program, but the money you earn does not end up in your pocket.
One initial experience with using their robot to automatically make trades resulted in a quick $152. It is important to realize that this type of investing is risky, but it is really fun especially when the trades are going your way.
Robot trading has been a topic of discussion for traders and investors for years, and it looks like the robot for is professionally designed to make you rich in the short term. Robots can function, like all machines, better than man. A functioning robot can acquire a fortune for the developer and those using the robot. Many experts in the field of investing have said that all the novice investor needs is an edge to make a fortune. Having a functioning robot making money for you around the clock is special.
Binary options use currencies from the foreign exchange market as well as stocks and commodities. Forex is the perfect system for binary options due to its high daily volume and volatility and is a perfect format to use as a system for binary options trading. As an added bonus the currencies being traded on the Forex market are traded around the world, and the Forex market is open 24 hours every business day. Unlike the stock market, there is never a bad time to trade binary options based on currencies.
When you use the program with real money, it is important to remember that each option that you chose has a price of $20. If you make $38. minus the price of the option then your transaction profit is $18. But the robot does seem to make great selections for you automatically. You do not need to be an MBA or have a background in fundamental analysis or technical analysis to begin trading binary options and making money at
One of the operations a robot can perform on any trade is to place the buy option when that position ticks lower or to place the sell option when the position ticks higher. In any volatile market and especially when these options last only 60 seconds, the robot has a great advantage over the individual trader at his keyboard.
The individual trader can select options on different time frames up to 5 minutes. And the choices of options covers stocks, currency, and commodity markets. With a free trading robot working for you, you can go to dinner and come back with enough money for a dream vacation. has been rated as a secure broker. It offers complete customer service, and its website is professionally designed and functions without needless delays and interruptions. For anyone interested in the world of day trading or for just making money trading options, this site is worth trying.
As in all investing, it pays to take a course of study on the internet. Reading materials on investing familiarizes the new trader with terminologies and processes required in trading. Also of utmost importance is the recording of your daily progress in a journal with the specific reason that you took the positions that you entered into.
Think in terms of changing your profession and moving up into the highest tax bracket with doctors and lawyers and others on Wall Street. It is possible, and with the luxury of having a trading robot teaming up with you to make wise investing decisions, it is probable. The journey progressing from the novice stage of investing to the position of an established trader does take years, and you will look back at the time when making $1000. in a week seemed like a lot of money, and you will smile. Even though you might consider it, don’t quit your day job, at least not until you have made a years salary on

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