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Winning Binary Options Trading Strategies

Making a decision on what to invest and how to invest in improving one’s trading success can be a tough task for any investor. But with binary options trading strategies, this becomes less severe. The necessity of binary options trading strategies to the success of any business cannot be overemphasised. In today’s world, utilising binary options in trading has become so popular in the financial market, such that even novice traders, as their experienced counterparts, are eagerly adding them to their portfolios of investment.

Binary options trading without the use of strategies can be likened to gambling. This is like relying on luck which can be a very risky thing to do. One thing about success is that it may work today but not work tomorrow. And when it comes to trading, being unlucky can be so severe that the investors may lose their entire investment. Therefore to be on the risk-free side, it is highly significant that the best binary options strategy is utilized. This involves using the best technique that the investor understands very well enough, so that it can consistently help to increase their winning chances.

For an investor who has been trading without a strategy or those who are still doubtful about whether or not they need a binary options strategy, this article will not only educate them on why a binary options strategy is necessary for their binary options trading.  It will also guide them on some of the winning binary options strategies that they can utilise to be free of risks and achieve excellent, long-term success in their trading activities.

Categories of Strategies

There are two classes of strategies. They are:

Betting Model-based Strategies

These strategies involve an investor having to employ betting options, regardless of whether or not they have familiarity with markets of finance. In these strategies, several methods or tactics are designed to add more to the winning probability. A perfect example here can be seen in strategies that are focused on the news.

Market Behavior Strategies

The investor employing these strategies have to depend almost entirely on statistical and technical data. The data could be the ones they have worked and researched on, or the ones that are readily available. One good thing about these strategies is that they are the most reliable; however, they are slightly difficult master and understand. But there are some techniques created to assist the investor in understanding some of the data. For example, there are chats which will make it much easy for a fresh trader.

Types of Sub-strategies

Apart from the two categories of strategies explained above, there are three types of sub-strategies which every binary options trader must know and utilise effectively. They are:

A Trading Strategy

The way or manner an investor finds profitable opportunities of trading, and the binary options type that they choose to use in trading them, is what defines the trading strategy.

A Money Management Strategy

The amount an investor invests on a single trade is what defines this strategy.

A Technical Analysis and Improvement Strategy

This plan focuses on the past trades of an investor and attempts to figure out the areas of their trading which bring in money, and the areas that hurt them. The essence of this is to enable the investor to eliminate their weaknesses and improve on their strengths.

It is important to note that the combination of all of these sub-strategies is a highly essential element to the trading success of any investor. An investor should not abandon any of the above-listed strategies, or observe them only half-heartedly, as doing either will sabotage their trading success and will lead to loss of money. Therefore an investor must understand that to get a successful binary options strategy, all of the three above-listed sub-strategies must be combined to form a single united primary strategy.

Why a Binary Options Strategy is Necessary for Binary Options Trading

There is no way long-term success with binary options is possible without a strategy. For example, a trading strategy takes out the emotion out of the investor’s trading and makes the investor’s trading repeatable. When the emotion is out, a trader will be able to certainly do the same thing when finding in the same situation. And when trading is repeatable, an investor will be able to evaluate his/her trading. Overall, the trading strategy will help an investor to find better opportunities for trading. However, an investor has to have clearly defined and stable binary options trading strategies for these advantages to work very well for him/her.

While a trading strategy is necessary to an investor’s trading success, a money management plan is just as important. A money management strategy ensures that an investor invests the amount that is right for his/her bank account, and this in turn helps the investor to scale through losing streaks and grow their capital. It is a common error among most new traders to invest too much in one trade. Some traders even go as far as investing about 50% on a single trade. Since there is no trade that is guaranteed a winner, the consequence of this action is that these investors will eventually lose out on their trades, and half of their money will go with it. And this will become a very big problem because it ‘s hard to come back from a 50% loss, as a 100% gain is required. If two trades are lost in a row, a 300% increase would be needed. From these examples, therefore, an investor must try as much as possible to avoid this, and a money management strategy is the instrument that by which an investor can achieve this goal. A money management strategy helps the investor to avoid major setbacks, and grow their capital gradually. A money management strategy has three types: a no money management strategy, a martingale money management strategy, and a money management strategy that is percentage based.

An investor who neglects the analysis and improvement strategy will eventually become a dabbler. It is not possible for a trader to enter binary options and find the perfect binary options strategy to make huge profits right away. For an investor to find the right strategy and improve his/her business to the point where huge profits are made, they have to analyze what they are doing, work on strengthening those areas that bring in money, and eliminate areas that lead to loss of money. These are all that a technical analysis and improvement strategy is all about. Rather than fluctuating in a trading business that makes an investor make money here and lose money there, chasing every new trend but ending up with ineffective ideas, the money making strategy will enable the investor to understand their right and wrong choices, and develop a clear strategy that gives them the opportunity to make money.

The Best Binary Options Strategy for an Investor

Having discussed the three sub-strategies which an investor must combine to achieve trading success, here are some of the popular binary options strategies that many investors go for (in addition to the three aforementioned sub-strategies) to achieve success in binary options trading:

Fundamental Analysis Strategy

This strategy deals with analyzing the behavior of the total attributes and performance of a company or industry. A trader or investor in binary options is interested in getting to know about the cash flow statement, income statement, and health of the company’s balance sheet before considering buying an option. The trader or investor also has to check out the business partners’ satisfaction and employee. In essence, this winning binary options strategy works by trying to take a look at the complete picture of the business that the investor wants to invest in their stock, and in some cases, it also takes a look at the overall industry.

Basic Options Strategy

This is another popular strategy among options trader. The trader or investor designs and employs this strategy to prevent him/herself from incurring complete losses on his/her investments. The investor or trader will pick an underlying currency or asset that he/she is interested in, and then if the strike price’s market movement is heading towards a favourable direction, for example, upwards, the investor or trader will place a call option. He/she will also place a put option on the asset at the same time.

Algorithmic and Signals

There are certain apps which are very good at analyzing the market data and trading. It is very appropriate for a trader to invest in these apps. The trader can install such an app on his/her computer. The app will gather data that the trader is interested in, and will analyze it to come up with the most favorable options. The technical and fundamental analysis data are being utilized here. The computer then goes ahead to choose for the investor a trade to invest in. As a matter of fact, the investor could actually design the app to do the job of trading for him/her. While this is possible, the investor, from time to time, has to keep the raw data where the app takes its details of analysis up to date.

Co-integration Trading Strategy

It is possible for two stocks to exist in the same market and have a strong correlation relationship. A possible reason for this could be that the two stocks are traded in the same market and are within the same industry; hence so many factors affect them the same way. Due to the strong correlation between these two stocks, the investor will most likely observe on every occasion when a gap exists between them, it quickly closes. Once the gap is identified, the investor has to buy a call option for the weak stock. And if there is certainty that the stock higher in price is definitely going to come down, the investor has to buy a put option for the asset. The two assets will eventually arrive at the correlation path, and this is going to be the “point of exit”.

Finding the Best Binary Options Strategies and Avoiding Financial Risks

This article has clearly shown that binary options strategies have very many types or options. Consequently, an investor will find it difficult to locate the variation that is ideal for him/her, especially because every investor is different, and it is not possible that a particular strategy that favors everybody. The most difficult step in a trading career is finding the winning binary options strategy. This is because the act of testing several binary options with full awareness that some of them are not for the investor definitely involves some initial errors. The trader will make some rookie mistakes, and may even trade in ways that he/she is not comfortable with. All of these may lead to lost trades. As a matter of fact, losses like these could threaten to truncate the trading of new investors in binary options who have a limited budget.

The good news, however, is that there is a binary options demo account developed by binary options brokers, to ease the steps for the investor. And most brokers actually give demo accounts. With a binary options demo account, a trader can use all of the features offered by a broker, receive all the assets, and receive some payouts. However, rather than playing with real money, the investor can trade with play money. A demo account enables the new investor to take completely risk-free steps in his/her initial journey into the world of binary options. This will enable the investor to develop his/her strategy without any fears of first losses. He/she can attempt all of the binary options they want and choose whichever one that works best for them. Once the investor has figured out his/her best option, he/she can now start trading with real money, with full assurance that profits would be made. Exciting, isn’t it?


Binary Options Trading Strategies are a paramount instrument for the trading success of any investor. The necessity of these strategies cannot be overemphasised. A new trader can very well come up with consistent winning binary options strategies, but he/she has to do loads of research and try out the demo account to determine the one strategy that most favours his/her pattern and the trading portfolio. For investors or traders who are well experienced, it is possible to create their strategy or bring two already existing ones together to create a hybrid.

Binary options trading – assets, trading methods and expiry dates

With millions of people active on a daily basis, binaries are quickly becoming today’s most popular form of trading. Binary trading is easy, and the profits are limitless in our ever-shifting market.

First, choose a financial asset such as stock, currency pair or a commodity. Next, predict the direction you think the market will take in a given time frame, from 60 seconds to a month. Finally, choose the sum of money you would like to invest. If you are correct in your prediction, you could receive a profit of up to 400%. If you are wrong, you lose the amount you invested in that trade deal. There are no fees or commissions.
Why Try Your Hand at Binaries?

Trading in binaries gives you 100% control over your investments and is 100% transparent. There is no predetermined potential profit. If you are not successful, you simply lose the initial investment. There is no leveraging or debt risk. Binaries give you the flexibility and freedom to diversify your portfolio with 4 types of trading options, Quick Options, High/Low, Range and One Touch as well as 1,000 financial assets.

• Have total control over your trading
• Trade in 3 easy steps
• Trade as quickly as 60 seconds
• Multiple positions can be opened at the same time
• Never lose more than your initial investment
• No fees, commissions or hidden costs
• Over 1,000 financial assets

How does Binary Trading Work?

The basis of trading with binary options is making a “yes” or “no” proposition. Once you have opened a binary options trading account, you will decide if the asset you have chosen will be above a certain price for the time frame you have chosen. Only trading on a yes or no decision, makes binary trading appealing to a broad spectrum of newcomers to the trade market. Even though the process is simple, you will need to understand fully how binary options operate, the markets and time frames for trading with binary options, the advantages and disadvantages of the product, and which companies are legally authorized to conduct binary trading.

Before you open a binary options trading account, which currently has over 400 trading platforms to choose from, research the companies you are considering. Many companies provide user-friendly platforms for the inexperienced newcomers to integrate them into the world of trade and offer alluring benefits. The inundation of online trading has led to the creation of regulatory commissions to protect traders which serve as watchdogs to oversee the best practices of the various companies in the trade field. Use them as a resource to gain information about the companies before making your decision to open an account.

What to Look for in a Broker

When choosing a broker that suits your needs, make sure it is a high-quality company that can access all the benefits of binary trading features. There are many factors to consider when deciding which company has the top options for dealing with binary trading.

• Make sure the company has a diverse asset base. There are options and prospects that can help boost your profits when trading with currency pairs. The number of options available to that company becomes an important factor.
• Find a broker that offers binary options types. These features should include option creators, one-touch options, and short-term options as they are crucial for binary traders.
• Choose a company that has a wide selection of depositing options. This will make getting started easier and create a better platform for payment and cash-out options.
• Look for financial stability. Your company needs to have a clean business standing. A well-established company will be more reliable than a smaller outfit just starting up.
• Check out the rate of profitability. Choose a broker that has the highest payout rates to make the most out of your transactions. Select the ones with the highest payout ratios and rates.
• Go with a company that has good cash-out options. You want a broker who offers quick payments, usually within two days or less.

Binary Option Trading Signals

Binary option trading signals are the red or green lights as to whether you should make your investment. Automated trading robots such as Option Robot and Automated Binary collect information and create signals used by the best professional to maximise profits. These are free signals that can be utilised by anyone. There are also services you can pay in which professional investors will guide your transactions.

How do Binary Trading Signals Work?

Binary signals were created originally for foreign exchange trading. Currency is always compared in pairs, so it was simple to develop a system to interpret the changes and future values of these pairs. When binary options became abundant in 2009, traders were able to develop similar systems to utilise in currency trading.
Trading currencies are the most popular form of binary options trading, but signals are not only used for predicting their current trends. Equity trading, commodity trading, and indices have also effectively used binary signals to help predict changes and trends. Here are some of the statistics on two free programs:

Option Robot

• Is compatible with 16 different brokers
• Has over a 90% return rate
• Accepts all US customers
• Try it free with a demo account before investing real money

Automated Binary

• Has an 80% average return rate
• Accepts US customers
• Compatible with 11 broker sites
• Best new auto trading software
• Free account and trial

Binary Option Trading Strategies

If you plan on trying one of the most popular trends in the financial market, consider a binary options trading strategy. Novice or experienced, traders looking to add binary options to their investment portfolios should have a robust strategy to be consistent in making money.

A binary options trading strategy removes the fear of relying on luck and will hopefully prevent you from losing your investments. A reliable technique, used every time, will go a long way in assisting you in making the correct predictions. You need a strategy that you understand that will increase your chances of making money or your investments.

Strategies can be categorised into two groups: betting and market behaviour.

• Models based on betting strategies allow investors to increase their probability of being correct. Following the news and current trends are examples of this strategy.
• Following the market, behavior is another strategy. This type of strategy requires the investor to rely on statistics and technical data. This strategy takes a little more practice and is harder to understand and master, but is more reliable and less objective. There are tools to help an investor understand data and charts to track statistics.

Popular Binary Option Trading Strategies

• Fundamental Analysis Strategy – analyzes the overall performance and attributes of a company. Gain information about the income, cash flow and factors such as employee and business partner satisfaction before making your investment decision.
• Technical Analysis Strategy – mainly studies the past records to predict future prices. This strategy does not put an intrinsic value on an asset and does not require delving into financial statements.
• Basic Options Strategy – picks an underlying asset or currency and waits for the market to indicate movement in a particular direction. An investor waits until the strike price is heading in a right direction and then places a call option.
• Algorithmic and Signals – these strategies can utilize apps that are good at trading and analyzing market data. Investing in an app that is installed on your computer to gather and analyze data as it comes up may increase chances of trading success. You can even design your app to do your trading for you.Just like investment options themselves, binary option trading strategies are numerous but may deliver more consistent results. If you are new to trading, do your own research and develop the best strategy that suites your needs. If you are more experienced, you can combine strategies or create your own.

Expiry Times

In addition to choosing a good company and an active investment strategy, another important factor in binary options trading is accurately predicting the movement of an asset within a specified time frame. This is known as the expiry time. The prediction you have made as to an asset’s movement has to come to fruition within the expiry of the options contract.

It is imperative that new investors understand how the binary options expiration timelines work to become an experienced options trader. There are many expiry times with varying lengths in this business, and some offer better odds and probabilities than others.

Expiry times chosen depend on the type of asset in which you are investing. Once you understand which expiries pair best with certain assets, the better your chance of winning and making investments in binary options trading a positive addition to your investment portfolio.

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