Tesla Passes Ford in market capitalization!

Elon Musk is leading a rocket!

We are living in changing world. It’s not possible to live on old legacy anymore. To be recognised as a brand that penetrate the market you need something extra. An excellent example of this is the fact that car manufacturer Tesla, or shall we call them energy storage company, has now passed Ford Motor Company in market capitalization.

As it seems even General Motors are living in the risk zone to be overrun by the electrified company shortly.

Tesla was founded in 2003 and released their first car in 2008. But it’s the latest years we have seen a boom in electric cars and in a couple of countries the Tesla is the most sold.

Tesla’s chief executive, Elon Musk, has shattered the conventional wisdom that automakers should be viewed as a stable, reliable investment. Instead, he promotes his California-based company as a dynamic vehicle for growth, despite the risks and challenges ahead of it.

In his vision, Tesla is going to change the world, and is primed to cash in on the two transformative trends in the industry: the shift to electric vehicles as part of a broader societal move to cleaner energy, and the advent of automated driving.

“Tesla is very vocal in talking about how they are positioned as we move from humans driving cars powered by gasoline to computers driving cars powered by batteries,” Mr. Brauer said.

At the end of Monday’s trading, Tesla reached a market capitalization of $48.7 billion compared with Ford’s $45.6 billion, according to Bloomberg. General Motors was at $51.2 billion.



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